Genelec G•Stencil – Draw accurate speaker angles and distances on the plot and blueprints

G-Stencil is a tool created to help drawing accurate speaker angles and distances on the plots and blueprints. It currently supports ITU Stereo and Surround standards among few others.
Using the G-Stencil is very easy. Once you have a realistic paper drawing, plot or print of your room, you’re all set:

- Place G-Stencil on the drawing. Use the measurement scales to find the center of room.
- Mark and draw a line to divide the room in two halves, both sides as symmetric as it is possible.
- Lock the center by using tack or pin to center of the desired listening spot.
- Draw the lines by using the grooves and a circle by using the punctures.
- Draw the speaker outlines, top and front outlines are included.
- Stencil has a standard binder punctures to be stored in the binder.


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