My Wired system used iRig MIDI. Because I want to use iPad while charging the iPad.
I use iPad2 (No lightning Cable: Bluetooth2.1)


  • Roland R-88
  • Roland UM-ONE mk2
  • Audio-Technica ATL435CM x2
  • iRig MIDI
  • iPad
  • and iOS app is Lemur

R-88 Setting

  1. Set the [COMP/TAB] switch of the UM-ONE mk2 to “TAB” position.
  2.  Open the rubber flap of the R-88 unit, and connect the UM-ONE mk2 to the USB MEMORY port.
  4. fader is post fader.

iPad Setting (1)

  1. You bought Lemur app
  2. iPad and iTunes is synchronism.
  3. download file(R88_Fader_v1.4.jzml) in iPad.
  4. Lemur app is open, Select it.

iPad Setting (2)
( If you use wired, iPad settings doesn’t need)


  1. iPad Launch the GarageBand (or other Bluetooth MIDI compatible apps, such as MIDI LE, Web MIDI browser, YAMAHA PianoDiary,,)
  2. Select the menu item of “Bluetooth MIDI Devices” from the “Settings(Spanner icon)” menu
  3. Tap the blue i mark. Slid the Connect button
  4. If the mi.1 succeeds to connect the mi.1 will flash LED several times, and the Connect button will become blue.
  5. Lemur apps recognise the mi.1 as a MIDI device “mi.1 Bluetooth”. You can choose the “mi.1 Bluetooth” in Settings of Lemur apps.

mi.1(version 1.2)

  1. iPad Buletooth is ON.
  2. iPad > Lemur > settings > MIDI TARGETS > MIDI 0 From/To select “mi.1 connect”
  3. iPad > mi.1 connect > From/To VirtualMIDI is ON.

iPad and R-88 Sync Setting
R-88 MIDI signal is R-88 from  iPad.

  1. iPad connect R-88.(UM-ONE mk2 is male MIDI connect. Other gear is male MIDI connect too.  I used MIDI female-female connecter.)
  2. You open Lemur (iPad app) Select download file. All mute button is ON.
  3. Next R-88 MASTER knob on the front panel to access the VIEW screen where you can see the CH.1-CH.8 Settings.
  4. Touch the EDIT tab. ALL MUTE is ON.
  5. iPad(Lemur) mute botton is off.
  6. Check R-88 mute switch. It is success if it is off.


R-88 MIDI iPad mixer file

  • 8x fader
  • 8x mute
  • record, play, stop, rewind, fast forward button.

CREATE BY Tommy Tommy.


App Store Lemur

Roland R-88 http://www.roland.com/products/en/R-88/
IK Multimedia (iRig MIDI) http://www.ikmultimedia.com
Quicco(mi.1) http://www.quicco.co.jp/archives/shop_menu/wireless-midi-interface-mi-1-2
Lemur(iOS app) https://liine.net/en/products/lemur/