Pro Tools session expansion for music and post production

ミュージック&ポスト・プロダクション向けPro Toolsセッション拡張
Create even larger sessions and get many of the same features of Pro Tools|HD* systems with the Complete Production Toolkit, a powerful expansion option for Pro Tools 10 software. Have the flexibility to work on studio-created sessions anywhere using just your computer or Pro Tools mobile rig. Get the same high Pro Tools|HD track counts, full session compatibility, and support for all track types, including VCA groups. And enhance your production with 7.1 surround mixing, advanced editing and automation tools, and more.

Pro Tools 10 softwareのパワフルな拡張オプションComplete Production Toolkit を追加することにより、Pro Tools|HD*システムの機能の多くを使用し、さらに大規模なセッションを作成できます。コンピューターまたはモバイルPro Toolsリグを使って、どこででもスタジオで作成されたセッションを開いて作業する柔軟性が確保されています。ハイエンドなPro Tools|HDと同じトラック数やフルセッション機能が利用可能なほか、およびVCAグループを含む全トラックタイプをサポート。さらに、7.1サラウンド・ミキシングや高度なツールを駆使すれば、プロダクションに磨きをかけることができます。

  • Exchange sessions with Pro Tools|HD users without ever losing session information
  • Create huge mixes with up to 256 simultaneous audio tracks** on playback—768 total
  • Get highly responsive recording and playback performance with the extended disk cache
  • Get full VCA mixing capabilities and support for up to 64 video tracks
  • Mix in up to 7.1 surround, with as many surround tracks as Pro Tools|HD
  • Speed up your workflow with advanced automation, audio, and video editing tools

For complete details, visit the Complete Production Toolkit page.

* This toolkit is not intended for Pro Tools|HDX, Pro Tools|HD, or Pro Tools|HD Native system users, as Pro Tools HD software already includes the features in this package.

** Track counts decrease with higher sample rates.

System Requirements

  • Avid-qualified Pro Tools system running Pro Tools 10 or higher software*
  • iLok USB Smart Key (sold separately) for authorization
  • Optional: Avid-qualified Pro Tools system to monitor surround outputs

* This toolkit is not intended for Pro Tools|HDX, Pro Tools|HD Native, or Pro Tools|HD systems, as Pro Tools HD software already includes these features.